Desert Drive

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted any new pictures.  I think I got burned out and wasn’t feeling much inspiration.  I’m hoping to go out and find some soon and start posting again but in the meantime, this is a photo I took when Mindy and I went to California last summer.  I played around with it at Picnik but loved the worn, grungy look of it in the end.  The clouds that day were unbelievably gorgeous for photography.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Not Just Another ‘Pretty Place’

Yesterday I finally drove up to Camp Greenville YMCA which is actually just a few miles across the border into the North Carolina mountains.  I’ve been wanting to go see this chapel for a long time now.  The drive up there was by far one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been on.  The foliage was the most vivid I’d seen yet this year.  The camp is 35 miles from where I work and the last 10-12 miles are winding 15 mph curves all the way up to the top of the mountain.

I’ve heard and have seen photos of the Symmes Chapel but nothing really does it justice.  The chapel was built in 1941 and sits on the edge of the mountain.  It is covered, but completely open as you can see from the pictures.  Because of the amazing view, it is also known as “Pretty Place”.  You can’t help but sense something much bigger than yourself while you are there.

I was a little surprised when I walked in because there was a class full of 10 year olds working on projects.  I had assumed everyone would realize I was coming to take pictures and vacate LOL!  Needless to say, I felt like I was intruding so I didn’t stay long at all.  Unfortunately it can take me a while to figure out camera settings in tricky lighting situations like this.  There is a beautiful saying engraved in the beam overhead that reads “I will lift mine eyes unto the hills” but I had a hard time capturing that while maintaining the colors in the mountains.  I needed Mindy ha ha!!   Even so, I couldn’t be disappointed because I finally got to see this breathtaking place!  I’m not entirely thrilled with the way my photos turned out but that is what this process is all about – learning and improving.  Next time I will spend more time up there figuring out what setting to use and pick a better time of day!

I’m posting several pictures just because  🙂

Pretty Place

Mountain Majesty

Quiet Moments

If you want to see what it really looks like, check out the photos captured by The Digital Mirage.  AMAZING!!

Old Country Church

Churches are a dime a dozen here in the south, but I’ve had my eyes open for just the right one to photograph.  While taking back roads up to North Carolina I ran across this quaint little gem.  Nothing flashy just a pretty, peaceful, old country church.  There was a cemetery behind it and you could tell they had both been around for a good while.  I’m posting a collection of different photos from several angles to help capture its beauty.  I think the black and white sets them off perfectly.

Tequilla Sunrise

I had to pull over in a parking lot on my drive to work Friday morning and attempt to capture the beautiful sunrise.  I manuevered between telephone poles and lamps and honestly didn’t think it was going to turn out.  I had forgotten to even check my pictures until last night and then found this.  I didn’t even have to edit much.  And maybe tequilla wasn’t involved but it was a beautiful Cuervo gold 🙂

Stairway to Heaven

I’ve passed by this so many different times and each time I say ‘Oh I want to take a picture of that someday’.  It actually leads to someone’s house I believe but I think its gorgeous the way the ivy climbs  along the edge of the steps and draws you in.  The fact that its lined by trees is an added bonus.

(double click photo to enlarge)

Happy Halloween

I was hoping to post a picture of pumpkins, squash, hay bales and scarecrows but I actually think I got something even better!  Cemeteries!  I took these today at a local church downtown.  I am posting two photos because I love the way they both turned out.  I used a little HDR edit and my sharpening tool to create both effects.  I love both of them! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy halloween! 🙂

(double click photos to enlarge)

Through the Darkness, Light

This is the last of the  photos I took at the lake and I promise to move on from the softened effect, although it has been a ton of fun!  I overlooked this picture at first but then I decided it might be fun to play with the shadows and light to see how it would turn out.  I actually think I like it!

(click to enlarge)